Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Big H turns 3

It's hard to think about being done with babies as my last one grows . . . but the thought of no more diapers helps squash any potential sadness over these milestones . . . a little . . .

We took the day Monday and spent it checking out the Dinosaur Center in Woodland Park and then having lunch in the park.

And we wrapped up the day with a massive cookie cake just like big H's favorite Cookie Monster would love.

I will miss the kiddos when they go back to school tomorrow . . . but I am kind of looking forward to at least one more school year with just me and my littlest dude at home . . .

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Adventure Day

Back to the life of a restaurant widow . . . especially on the weekends. But the kiddos and I had a great day at Cheyenne Mountain State Park - today was Adventure Day and we completed 4 of the 7 stations and hiked almost 4 miles.

There was ax throwing (only Marlie was old enough for the blade.

Bird watching - Hudson loved the binoculars, the girls loved learning different bird types, and Evan climed rocks

Next up was the winner of the day - archery! Those girls . . . they picked up those bows and shot like it was their job!! I think we've found a sport . . . and it just so happens one of the country's top archery ranges is 5 miles away . . .

Big H even got a bear!! And Evan bounced between the real one and the nerf one as he does :)

We took a snack break before hitting the trails some more.

And right there in the background is our mountain - we just live on the other side!

We wrapped up Adventure Day with some ice cream - so much fun!! We already have our park pass for the year, and this one will be at the top of the list! This . . . days like this are why we moved here . . .

Thursday, August 10, 2017

2 Teeth

Sam lost two of her teeth within 24 hours - the tooth fairy is getting hit hard this month. . . And this morning I overheard a convo about when the Elf on the Shelf was coming back . . . Fairies are going to break me!

And for the first time ever - I saw the end of a rainbow!! It ended right in the canyon at the kids' school!!! And then it became a double rainbow . . . It was awesome.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Castlewood Canyon

Saturday was a warm day - it was almost 80! I can't even type that with a straight face - but it's true since we probably won't see 80 again this year!!

We headed over to Franktown and learned about the dam that failed in 1933 - each year they mark the anniversary in August. It was a great hike with a splash in some very cold mountain water!

Marlie decided she wanted to focus on some wildflowers - so I have 20 pics on my phone and we bought a guide . . . I find a little peace every time we see wild sunflowers (which is almost every day). A Sunflower has always been my favorite . . . and now I live in a place where I see my favorite flower growing in the wild everywhere I go . . . there may be something to that . . . but there are definitely a lot of beautiful wild flowers!!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Red Rocks - Steve Miller and Frampton

Jay and I made a little trip up to Red Rocks last night for some awesome music. 20 years ago I saw Steve Miller as my first outdoor show . . . Funny story, as we were walking up to the ampitheater we heard the Beach Boys - they were Jay's first concert. It's so beautiful . . . there will be many more trips :)

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