Sunday, September 24, 2017

Another Broken Arm, a Color Run, and The Royal Gorge

Friday morning we started off with a bang. As we were walking out the door to go to school, a huge gust of wind blew down the canyon and knocked Sam off a rock! She's our little one, and to be fair, the wind gust was between 30mph. But when she broke her fall with her arm, protecting her head, she broke her humerus and sprained her clavicle.

Not to be slowed down, she was still on board for the Color Run at school that night!

The bonus kiddo is one of our neighbors, Penelope.

Then on Sunday we did our exploring and took the beautiful drive tp Canon City to visit the Royal Gorge. We walked and rode across the Gorge and the beautiful Arkansas River. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

The playground at the top of the gorge was a lot of fun - and the gondola ride over was a little scary, but everyone made it :)

Monday, September 18, 2017

A Weekend in Pictures

Dinner at Rock Bottom (we do so love having Daddy's gold card back, and yes, that's whip cream on Jay's nose!) - a trip to Ikea - and Boy Scout popcorn table sales!

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Because I'm really not a stay at home mom anymore . . . I actually kick ass in a completely different world . . . so a little photographic proof from my company newsletter this month . . .


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Go Vikings

I have finally decided after all of these years to grow from my childhood football roots of rooting for the Dallas Cowboys and, for the sake of having a unified household now that we are in Broncos country, cheer for the Vikings! I need to find a Herschell Walker jersey to merge the two together for me . . . for now, I have a Tarkenton one that I like.

Now on game days we can all match . . . and I like matching these people - they're my tribe!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Briarfest and Mueller State Park

Friday night we went and had a blast at a local fair type festival. It was small and not very crowded, which made it nice. Hudson rode a couple of little kid rides, and the other 3 took on a couple of fun houses and then went on the ferris wheel with me - I'm still bandaging Marlie's claw marks in my arm!

Yes - below is a photo of Evan freaking at the spinning tunnel so he threw himself down (yea, I don't think he remembers the cast on his arm!), Sam fell over him, and Marlie pulled them both out . . . I see this being a theme in their adult lives . . .

Saturday was filled with birthday parties for friends . . . so we did our exploring on Sunday this week.

The kids and I headed to Mueller State Park (that's 5 of the 42 state parks so far!). They made nature journals with the super sweet naturalist that works there and then she led us on a short hike so the kids could draw pictures of things they found.

Even with the cast I had to tell him no climbing the trees!!!

Big H got into the drawing - he also is a BIG fan of checking the maps and pointing out trail numbers.

This will be a regularly visited park as it's right on the other side of Woodland Park!

Monday, September 4, 2017

And That Makes 3 plus Labor Day

As in the total number of broken arms for the Crandall house!!

After all of the hiking, mountain climbing, and rock jumping, it was the bubbles in the backyard that caused the accident that broke Evan's arm!!

It is splinted until the orthopedic doc casts it. We will cross our fingers for no surgery!

Jay had to work on Labor Day but the kids and I explored some playgrounds until it became hard to keep Evan's feet on the ground . . . even with a broken arm dude is quick!

And we finished up the exploring with lunch at Old Chicago!

Pikes Peak or Bust

On Saturday the kids were a little worn out from the week, but we still wanted to explore, so it seemed like a good day to hit up the Pikes Peak Highway and hit up the summitt of our first 14er!

We grabbed the obligatory donuts from the cafe at the top and enjoyed the view. Not going to lie, there were parts of the drive that were a little scary - but it was another amazing day!