Sunday, January 7, 2018

From Christmas til Now

It’s been a wonderful winter break. I was able to take some time off work, about half of their break, so we’ve had fun! From Christmas to last Friday night when we found our new favorite place in town - an Irish pub.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Green Goddess

Last week it snowed on the mountain . . . and for what I have been told was the first time in 6 years the mountain iced over too. So on the way to school my non 4x4 Suburban got in a fight with the mountain. I lived in MN - I know how to drive in snow. I lived in TN - I know how to handle ice. But both of them ON THE SIDE OF A MOUNTAIN - apparently that was a no in that car. I can honestly say I’ve never been that terrified - I had the car in park with the emergency brake on and was sliding horizontally down the mountain. I still don’t know how I did it - but I got us up the hill after punching my dash and throwing out some curse words.

After dropping the kids off at school, breaking down, and shaking for an hour it was time to get serious about a new car . . . Introducing the Green Goddess (we had a naming contest at work) . . . 

The color is apparently a favorite of mine subconsciously because it is also the color of my new wallet and my new phone case!

She is a beast and will make sure the next time I argue with the mountain that I win!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It really is wonderful - but it also gets busy - so I’m going to drop a few pics and a quick story to preserve the wonderment of my 4th child.

First - pictures

This boy is on his 5th and 6th set of frames since he got glasses in August - I could get mad, or I could make him try on sunglasses and take photos that could confuse my son for a miniature Tom (either Petty or Cruise in Top Gun).

I have reached a milestone of achievement as a parent. Showed the girls some stuff on Etsy and they agreed we could make it cheaper - so they did, handmake all of their cousin/friend Christmas gifts.

I had a 36 hour Mom break to hit my company Christmas party in Nashville - and I spent time with one of my besties. I don’t think there could be 2 more different people in a friendship - and she would agree. But I adore her - she is on the short list of forever friends.

When you interrupt your neighbor’s breakfast and they look at you like you’re rude :)

Marlie’s GS troop - making wreaths at the troop leader’s house. I have always let her go to things on her own, to foster independence - somewhere between last year and this year I have become less interested in her independence and more concerned 

Early Christmas presents from Miss Jane!!

And then there is this one. On the back of our Christmas card Hudson’s update just says “google the song Tiny Destroyer”.

When Evan was this age he decided to start not napping as well - and during those months is when things happened like my bathroom being decorated with makeup, a light bulb going crunch in his teeth, and countless other things I blocked from memory. Hudson is keeping the tradition alive!

I got home Friday at 11am after being gone, we did lunch and then nap, and then I had to get on conference calls. After the first call I walk upstairs to find the following scenario having played out (Big H gave me the details).

Hudson took red chapstick from his sisters’ room, smushed it, and drew on the white carpet with it (yea, it’s a rental and old people own it - it’s plush, white polyester carpet). Not wanting to get in trouble he found a water bottle and filled it with toilet water, turned over his step stool, filled the step stool with 4 bottles of toilet water, pushed it to the hallway, and dumped it on the carpet to clean up the mess.

Yea . . . I go back and forth every second of every day with that kid. I don’t know when we get in power struggles if he actually wins, or if I’m caving because he’s my last and I know that in the end, it’s carpet. The combo of my lack of patience and his 4th child mischief isn’t always pretty . . . But I do have an ever present reminder that it’s just stuff or mess - I can clean up and I can fix whatever the boys do . . . the pre teen hormonal rage coming from my female children occasionally, I can’t fix that - I can only hide in a closet and pray they don’t turn into me as a teenager . . . 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

We deep fried a turkey for the first time!

Marlie really wanted a formal table set up - so she and Grandma unpacked the china.

Parade watching and cinnamon rolls - it’s our thing :)

Our wonderful deer friends were out to say Happy Thanksgiving (and probably hoping for some extra apples!).

Although we didn’t have extra family this year, the kiddos had our neighbors. On Wednesday they came over for a little cookie decorating.

I will never get tired of finding these guys in my yard every day!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Photo Catch Up

Our local bounce house is pretty awesome - we tried it out for the first time and I was impressed - even the indoor crazy kid places are better in CO :)

My next sous chef in training

Working from home while the kiddos are out of school for break can be challenging . . . but my lunch breaks are worth it. This is one of our neighborhood parks - picnic and swinging with a view!

Just a normal drive to school

One of our neighbors in the back yard waiting to see if the kids are tossing apples off the deck.

The night time view from the mountain is not getting old.

Thanksgiving lunch at school was also mustache day - Mr. Crandall fully committed!

A photo break while shopping - why do kids grow at the same time?! Either no one needs anything, or suddenly no ones pants fit!