Monday, May 14, 2018

Mother’s Day 2018

The first person I wished a Happy Mother’s Day to this year was Kareen’s Mom. She immediately responded texting that it was thoughtful and how much it meant - but also shared with me that she still had saved Kareen’s voicemail from last Mother’s Day. That right there made my day - what an awesome memory to have for her - my heart was happy!

We waited for Sam to get back from Girl Scout camp and then headed to brunch! 

After brunch the plan was to take Grandma and Uncle Eric up Pikes Peak . . . but it’s not totally summer up there, and they closed early. So instead we drove out to Wilkerson Pass - in my opinion, it is one of the best views in CO of a very large amount of the Rocky Mountains.

And on the way home we stopped for some Mexican food in Woodland Park . . . can’t beat dinner with a view!

It was a wonderful day . . . and I have known for the past 11 years how increasingly blesssd I have become with all four of my reasons to celebrate. But of course, this year it home a little harder. Not in a sad way - just in a “remember your purpose and priorities” way.

We finished the day chatting and laughing with Billy. And it happened - we had our first memory to look back on where it was the 3 of us and the kids, not the 4 of us. But he said the kids talked about it, and they all laughed, real laughter!! We took the kids into Chicago on Spring Break and went into a candy store. Each kiddo picked out what should’ve been $5-$8 worth of candy. So I was fully expecting a $50 bill with the 7 kids . . . I get to the front and the woman looks at me with a straight face, like it’s normal, and says “that will be $116” - um, the hell it will . . . We grabbed all the candy bags, tossed them on a shelf, and left!!! Billy saying the whole time as we walk out “you can buy every piece of candy at the damn gas station and it will still be cheaper”! Hehehehe 

I am so grateful for yesterday . . . and my heart is full when I think of my kids . . . but also the man that makes it happen. He tries so hard and I couldn’t love him more for it . . . 

Monday, May 7, 2018

A Weekend

Saturday we enjoyed a laid back day hanging out with the kids.

Sunday - not so laid back. Me, 6 kids, 2 parks, 4 hours and 4 trails. But the gorgeous surroundings make it worth it.

Friday night we did Chuck E Cheese and saw this classic! 

Monday, April 30, 2018

It Was a Good Run

Yesterday one of my babies turned 7 . . . and one of them ended a chapter of childhood.

This one - this girl - this baby that made me a Mom and now is sporting my college T-shirt that I wore as a senior in college . . . she grew up a little more.

Thursday Jayson took the girls to the dentist for cleanings - Marlie has 4 teeth that need to come out in the next month or they will pull them. She finally twisted one enough that it came out Friday. Well she spent the night down at Grandma’s and I spaced on tooth fairy duty. I snuck it down, but it was too late. 

So yesterday she asked - I told her no, I wasn’t . . . but Daddy was. And then Jay stepped in and said “yep, but your Mom is Santa” . . . and I’m pretty sure my heart crumbled a little more than hers. Of course we played up the excitement of being on our team for the magic and she smiled and hugged us and we all walked away.

I had a philosophy professor in college who refused to “do” any of the magical characters parents play for holidays. His logic was that if he told his son these things, and then eventually told him the truth, he would question why his parents lied to him and he may take that doubt over to his religious and moral views. The man gave his 7 year old son a lot of credit and none at all in the same sentence . . . but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I had that thought a time or 2 . . . but while the magic of our holidays involves made up characters, the morality that we raise our kids with does not. But I get the concern . . .

So that’s it . . . and I’m really okay with it. She got a couple extra years that her Dad and I didn’t get as kids - and I made them even more special with the damn elf. But, she’s going to start Jr. high and 7th grade in 3 months - it was time . . . and like she handles all change in her life, she moved on with a smile.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Happy 7th Evan!!!

The video game trailer was a hit - and the Pok√©mon theme was fun . . . But Murphy, the newest member of the Crandall family, stole the show! He’s a 1mo old leopard gecko.

It was a great day - and it always does my heart good to see the love my kids share with each other. Those girls fought so hard to plead their case for that gecko, and worked hard to save that $$, and they did it all to see their little brother smile. And they made him special signs for his party too!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Bishop Castle

We did a little exploring on Saturday in Rye, CO. Bishop Castle is a privately owned home built entirely by one man!! Marlie was puking, so we will have to go back in the fall to see the Aspens and to explore the castle again.

On the way home we stopped in Florence for lunch - and we found cinnamon rolls as big as Sam’s head and Mickey Mouse pancakes!

It was a beautiful drive as always.

And on Sunday I took the kids mini golfing. I think we have a new favorite activity for summer - even Hudson was engaged the whole time!!! Of course, I smoked them - 8 over par!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Handsomeness is Overwhelming

Friday, April 6, 2018

Photos of March

We started Spring Break with a fun stop at Uncle Jason’s resort! Fun was had by all the cousins in the water park!

Then we kept the fun going with 3 day trips to an arcade, an indoor play place, and a day on Navy Pier at the Chicago Children’s Museum.

We finished the week with the Celebration of Life - and it was perfect. 

Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal - and I feel it this year. I just received these photos today - they are from the photographer who spent the day at the house on March 7th capturing my beautiful best friend’s last day on earth. These photos are my life - it started with the 3 of us, and while I would give anything to have it be the 4 of us, I can’t. But I can be grateful for this - these photos - we have had each other’s backs for 17+ years, and that bond is as strong as ever.