Thursday, March 18, 2010

Groovin in the New House

Our new home came with a formal living room and a formal dining room, in addition to our family room . . . so what else would you use a formal living room for?!? A home daycare . . .I mean, a playroom. This is what it looks like at the end of the day while kids are asleep . . . and of course, the craft corner with easel and such is out of the shot . . . but this is pretty much as clean as it gets. Words can't express how awesome it is that this is the very first thing you see when you walk in the front door!!

Then there's a few random pics of the girls dancing to Dora . . . note their super cute jammies, "Big Sis" and "Little Sis" . . . there will never be a children's clothing maker better than Carters!! Thanks for the jams Grandma!

On a side note - I decided to be brave and venture out to a new place for a haircut today. It's a small local salon, but they had a website, and seemed like they would be current. The price was decent, the haircut turned out alright - but there was a turning point in the event that made it all a little weird. I was asking about the area and getting recommendations (I have to take a moment to grieve and shed a tear that there is 1 Target in a 40 mile radius, and it is not the greatest), then the convo went like this:

Stylist: Have you found a church?
Me: I'm good in that area
Stylist: Well are you Baptist?
Me: I was raised Methodist
Stylist: So what church are you going to go to?
Me: (trying to be as polite as possible) My husband and I are still getting adjusted to the area, we've only been here for a few days
Stylist: Well what type of church are you looking for?
Me: As I said, I was raised Methodist - I then attended a private Methodist college and became corrupted by obtaining a degree in Philosophy of Religion - so I lean towards the Buddhist philosophy
Stylist: Oh no!! Do you know that you are in the Bible belt?? I will have to make sure my children don't go to a school like that.
Me: Yes, I've lived in TN for over 20 years - I get it - and my college was a great school
Stylist: Well we'll pray over you
Me: (feeling a little vulnerable without my glasses on I jerk my head up) Now? (like we're they going to baptize me??)
Stylist: We'll pray for you
Me: Um, okay - thanks

Wow - the tagline of the city is "The Gateway to the South" clearly NOT followed by "and the home of the religiously tolerant".