Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

"Oh my gosh! I ate the bunny's ear!"

"But it's chocolate . . . and it's yummy . . . so it's ok Mom"

Samantha not caring about the bunny - just wanting her treats!!

No thoughts or cares about the basket - just about grabbing a piece of candy!

We spent a low key day at home just hanging out and coloring in the fabulous books the Easter Bunny brought.

These days Marlie wakes up at 7am - and Sam doesn't get up until 7:30am . . . so needless to say, Marlie went down and found every egg that was hiding before Sam even woke up . . . oh well!!

Daddy was at work before anyone woke up . . . but luckily he was home for dinner . . . so we are grateful!!!

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