Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some Crafty Fun

This year always seems to be when we start breaking out more crafts than usual . . . probably because less time is spent outside. We collected leaves the other day to make placemats for Thanksgiving. When I asked Marlie if she wanted to write her name on the placemats, she said "hmm, how bout we write things we are thankful for since it's Thanksgiving - and then cousin Marcus can use my placemat if he wants since it won't have my name on it" Way to think ahead!! So she wanted to write "We love our family" and "Thankful for our family and friends".

Then today we decided to bake some cookies and attempt some turkey cookies from handprints we saw on nickjr. Sam was very excited!!

Oh the look of attitude from Marlie . . . I fear the teenage years . . . she was actually saying "cookie maker" . . . and I'm just glad by this time she had gotten over her flu shot booster from the morning!!

Here are the turkey cookies. I have several issues with this project - 1. The hands that the people on nickjr used must have been from adults - this was HARD! 2. You were supposed to use candy corn for the beak - fyi, no store has any left in Clarksville! But the girls thought they looked great! We only did 2 - the rest were just some pumpkins, stars, hearts, and other random cookies!

And a little something for our first little kiddo! I have nothing in my house about our dog. He's a purebred, but you don't see his breed on many things in the South - he's more of a Northern dog. Anyway - I saw this while we were out this morning, and it looked EXACTLY like Sota - so I felt compelled to buy it for some reason. It looks perfect in the middle of our fall wreath, and will look good in the middle of a Christmas wreath soon :)

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