Friday, December 24, 2010

The Fun has started!

I cannot believe it is Christmas Eve already!! I think that the other people at Toys R Us at 5 am this morning probably felt the same way! HA! My shopping has been finished for quite some time . . . but this recent phase of my pregnancy has given me a bit of insomnia - couple that with the cold medicines that are actually ok to take, and I get a little hyped up . . . so if you're up @ 5 am with nothing else to do, and it's Christmas Eve, and Toys R Us puts batteries on half off, why not?! hehe Seriously though . . . the girls are getting Strawberry Shortcake remote control cars, ahem, excuse me, Berry Cruisers, from Donna and Barry and each car and remote set takes 5 batteries! The batteries were a must :)

We went to Knoxville earlier this week to close on our house (I will put in a quick side note to say good riddance to the whole process!!!! In all honesty, it will be a verrrryyyyy long time before we buy another house . . . in the end, I just don't think it fits us and there are better ways in the economy now that we can invest our money) and we spent a quick little pre-Christmas celebration with Grandma and Uncle Eric. The girls opened a few presents and we had lots of Christmas cookies :)

When we got home, Baby Boy had his very first Christmas present waiting from his Grandparents in Minnesota!!!
Is it not the most beautiful thing ever?!?! I always seem to be in love with baby swings once I find the right one - their functionality is awesome and just a plain blessing!! I loved our first swing and it was great through both girls. Same general style with the papasan seat but not as gorgeous as this one. But there was a woman who had a house fire on the day her 1st baby was due, right after her husband deployed . . . and I thought she needed it more at the time. But this one is soooooo much prettier - and cooler! The middle part lifts out to be an infant seat so you can carry it from the living room to the playroom :) Words just aren't enough! And Baby Boy will love it and thank his Grandparents in a few months!!!!
Funny - every time I type "Baby Boy" I want to type his name . . . but we are only 70% on the name so far . . .although Donna has already put it in print on a Christmas card, so I now I feel funny changing it! HA! I can't put it in print yet though . . . I have to wait ;)
Many pictures will follow after today . . . we are so excited - Christmas with kids that get it is just a whole other level of celebrating that I LOVE!!! Grandma and Grandpa should be here in a few hours and we'll go see Santa one more time to make sure he understands "we want a dollhouse!". And then tomorrow will be spent doing nothing but playing and hanging out in jammies . . . because that's how we roll!
Merry Christmas

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