Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Day in the Life

Today was a pretty normal day . . . just filled with activities! We had to drop off Jayson's car to get fixed . . . minor repairs here and there keep the Honda running strong for his lengthy 6 mile round trip commute :)

Then it was off for haircuts for the whole family! Jay, Marlie, and Samantha always get their haircuts at Great Clips . . . well today once they had all had haircuts and the total was $21, I didn't know how I could really justify the $40+ I spend on my haircut alone at a salon. So the stylist had a good personality, so she and I had a chat in which I basically asked her how she was with short hair and if she was confident enough to cut my hair with the knowledge that at almost 8 months pregnant if she messed it up I would cry . . . she agreed to give it a shot . . . and she kept talking to me through it all, and it turned out just great! I think this is the first time in over 15 years that I have spent less than $35 on a haircut!
Sam looked so cute with her hair pinned!
And Marlie LOVES to get her hair cut, so she always jumps to go first!

Then we stopped home to grab Sota and our walking sticks and headed out for a hike

Then after some naptime and some dinner we headed out for some frozen yogurt

And then we were off to pajama story time at the library!

And now the princesses are sleeping . . . and I am worn out . . . that would be a drastic understatement I think :)

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