Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sneak Peak Pictures

I mentioned the other day that my friend Jewel snapped some pictures for us. Now, I don't expect to look good in anything these days - but I couldn't help but laugh at the girls in some of the pics! Seriously - they crack me up. And yes, they are dressed in ballerina/tutu dresses - we had to glam it up a bit for our last girl pictures . . . of course, Marlie took it a step further when I decided not to wear a pink necklace and she insisted that she wear it because it matched her dress . . . long gone are the days where I expect our pictures to be perfect, it's more about capturing the memory - so I let her keep the necklace on - at least it matched :)

Don't they look thrilled about pictures! ha!

My girls - and Marlie's crazy hair - she had just done some running in the breeze! I have a similar one when I was pregnant with Sam with Marlie behind me.

I haven't seen the rest of the pics, but this one is screaming to be blown up to a huge size and put on my picture walls!

Again - my girls - they are not camera shy :)

There will be more sideways shots and all where my belly is more prominent - in most of these I just look huge . . . she asked if I wanted any with my belly showing - um, no! I am not one of those people who just gets a bigger stomach - I have been blessed with the hereditary beauty of stretch marks - so who really wants to see that. Though I have to say, I manage to diminish them really well afterwards and this time they didn't even show until week 30 - so that was nice! And while it is fabulous to have these and remember being pregnant when I look back - I did these to put one last stamp on our photos as just a family of 4 - in just a few weeks it will be newborn pics and we will be a family of 5!


Tina. said...

I am in love with your banner photo!!

Wiz said...

Love all the oictures! You look great :)