Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Day of Firsts

We had a few firsts today in our house. This morning Jayson took the girls to their first movie in the theater. I tried last summer to take the girls, but Samantha was just too young and couldn't handle the noise - we never even made it past the door of theater. But today, they both loved it! They saw Despicable Me. Our movie theater has an awesome summer program. For $5 you get a pass to see 10 movies for the summer. So the girls have a movie date with Daddy for the next 9 weeks.

Evan and I did some shopping while everyone else went to the movie. We picked up all of the supplies for the girls' birthday party in a few weeks. I remember when Marlie was a baby and it seemed like such a chore to get out of the house with an infant. Now I just have Evan to go out with and it seems like I am missing something . . . it's too easy . . . ha!

Then tonight Marlie and I headed to her very first Girl Scout meeting. Marlie is officially a Daisy Girl Scout now. I am so excited for her! I have so many great memories from being a Brownie and a Junior Girl Scout . . . this is the start of some great memories for her. And I love her troop leader - she is super nice . . . it's going to be an awesome experience for her . . . maybe a little tough for Samantha though, who was already upset about big sister leaving tonight for something she wasn't involved in . . .

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