Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekend Activities

The fact that I have 5 minutes to sit down and post this is an amazement in itself . . . I have spent the last 2 days feeling like I couldn't get caught up with life in our house . . . I am at peace now, because I feel like I am finally at a level playing field with everything I need to have done! Someone once told me that adding Baby #3 would add 5 times the work. That doesn't sound mathematically feasible . . . I mean, adding a 2nd kiddo only doubled the workload . . . but I am starting to see the truth in that statement! Of course, the rest of that is that once you have 3, a fourth one doesn't add anything because it's already chaos . . . I will take someone else's word for it :)

Saturday morning, after going to the Farmer's Market, we headed over to the caves for a hike and a play by the Children's Theatre . . . then it was on to a birthday party . . . maybe it was yesterday that put me behind :)

Evan enjoyed watching his sisters do water play outside on Sunday afternoon - the caption for this photo is "I make this hat look good"
So many toys to play with - but nothing beats an umbrella while playing with the sprinkler?!?!
Tomorrow is the official start of summer for us . . . pools just opened and we are going to bust out the pool passes for the first time! WOOOHOOOO! I am excited to get some color on my white legs . . . not as excited about a bathing suit 1 month after having a baby . . . .

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