Monday, June 27, 2011

Go Big or Go Home

I have no idea why, but I heard that phrase the other day and it seemed to be the perfect title for a blog post . . . especially this one.
On Sunday afternoon Jayson left for work . . . 15 minutes later I was changing Evan and Marlie was asking for a popsicle - we had just bought the little popsicle molds that you use with juice and then put in the freezer. She pulled a chair from her craft table, and right as I put Evan down and walked around the corner, in slow motion I saw her open the freezer, lose her balance, and hit the ground! As soon as she hit, I heard the sound she made and knew it was gonna be a bad one. I threw her on the counter, and sure enough, her left elbow was about 2 inches further out than her right - GROSS!
So we made it a short night of work for Jayson and he met us at the ER . . . and the result was a morphine IV and an ambulance ride down to Nashville to go to Vandy's Children's Hospital! They determined she would need surgery bright and early on Monday morning. Marlie and I spent the night in the hospital and Jayson spent the night at home with Evan and Sam. Surgery on Monday entailed 3 pins placed in her elbow to reset her arm.
The result is a temporary cast for a week, then next week an xray and a permanent cast that will stay on for 4 weeks, and of course, no tball and no water for the next 5 weeks . . .
It's funny - Marlie will scream about a scraped knee, but apparently she is cool and calm in a crisis! She really did a great job with everything - the IV, the ambulance ride, staying in the hospital, all of it! She took everything in stride like a champ! She is doing awesome . . . and now the fun begins - learning to do everything with 1 hand :)

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