Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy #3 Samantha

Oh Samantha . . . you are our middle child (maybe for now, maybe for always) and I am so glad you are. You have a personality that is so full of life, sweetness, and laughter! Your personality is so very much your own that you will always stand out and be your own person. You amaze me every day with how smart you are . . . sometimes you are quiet and keep your smarts to yourself, but every once in a while, you will let your talents shine so everyone can see them! You have a laugh that is so contagious . . . and you carry a devilish little look in your eyes that shows you are always up to something!

Even though you were our second child, you have provided firsts for us. You were the first to take us to Children's Hospital (and the 2nd!), you were the first to be full of smiles in pictures, you were the first to poop on Mommy, the first to rip off a poopy diaper, step in it, and run around the house . . . and most importantly, you are the first and only you . . . and we love you more than words!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words . . . and we always say that Samantha is too special for words . . . so I picked out some of my favorite pics that show her lively personality - no words needed . . .
Happy Birthday Sammie . . . you are the coolest 3 year old I know!

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