Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Whew, What Day is It?

Seriously - there has been a lot going on the last few days . . . but it's been awesome! I feel behind on life and laundry a little right now, so this probably won't be as detailed as I would hope.

Friday all of our family arrived for the weekend. We did dinner Friday (since tball practice got rained out), had a fabulous party at the Jump Zone on Saturday (since the party got rained out), celebrated Father's Day Sunday, I turned 30 yesterday, and today we start our few days of visiting with Grandpa Mick. Do you see why I might lose track of what day it is?!

Grandma and Evan trying on a new hat
Heading to Home Depot on Saturday for a special Father's Day projectOur outdoor party got rained out . . . so luckily my OCD self had a backup plan, so we headed for a private party at the Jump Zone! Marlie and her BFF Helen! They are so much alike it's scary - and luckily Helen's Mom Bethany is awesome, so the girls have been hanging out a lot!
My little baby turning 5 . . . I complained all morning about the cost of this backup plan, but within 5 minutes of seeing the girls faces, it was totally worth it!
The cake and 28 cupcakes - princesses of course
Yes - we sung Happy Birthday twice - you can share a party, but you don't have to share the birthday spotlight on everything . . . you can see Evan in the background, thrilled to be partying it up!
Rocking some tutus they received for their birthday
And then using some birthday gift cards from Chuck E Cheese - they are now in love with the virtual rollercoaster
Their faces on the outer screen :)
Like I said, it was a crazy few days . . . and in the midst of it all I lost my youth and I'm now grown up . . . 30 . . . I am embracing it though, I feel wise - and as a friend said "now we have authority"
I will get caught back up with life and laundry and then we will get back to my oh-so profound posts! ha!

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Wiz said...

I am about to turn 31 :( Looks like a fun party! We did Colt's at a jump place and he/we loved it!