Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Saturday

We went to Home Depot on Saturday morning. I have to say, this trip was so much more successful than last month's trip. There was no screaming from Evan, he slept the whole time, and no bathroom breaks. And even with only one arm, Marlie was able to complete the project almost totally on her own while I helped Samantha . . . who by the way is now a serious hammering expert!!! I got nailed in the finger a couple of times, but she was no joke - every time she would lift the hammer up she would say "Here I goooooo"! Anyway - we walked away with 2 very awesome coaster sets :)
Do you think these 2 guys look alike?I love pictures like this - not only does he look like a perfect sleeping baby . . . but you can totally see his old man hairline! He has a patch of hair on top totally separate from the rest of his hair in the back.

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