Sunday, February 26, 2012

Normal Days

The last few days have been pretty calm and normal . . . we will be pretty low key until the end of April . . . then it will be first birthday, trip to Disney, joint birthday party, summer fun, start of 1st grade (possibly preschool for Samantha - we will see), trip to Minnesota, oh my! :)

I channeled my inner Martha Stewart and made Spring shirts for the girls (total cost of shirts and iron-ons at Target - $6!)
This boy is a full time job on his own - trying to keep him fed . . . and working on the sippy cup as you can see in the picture
And watching him because he can successfully climb the full flight of stairs . . . at this point I have opted not to gate it off . . . we will see how it goes
We took 9 month pics . . . just a few weeks late . . . but hey, as the 3rd child, at least he has them :) And a baby book too while I'm patting myself on the back!
We went to Lorax story time at Target - I think it will be a cute movie when it comes out.
And stopped at Wal-Mart to get bins for an organization project - and naturally, if you see a backdrop for pictures and someone tells you to get in front of it, you've gotta do it!
And the completed wonderfulness of our new craft area - we shopped the house and moved the bookshelf . . .
It was in our bedroom, after we swapped the one in our bedroom to the living room - and we've done this because, for the first time in our adult life, Jayson and I purchased bedroom furniture yesterday!!! Of course, in practical nature, we spent money on the storage - a chest, a media chest, and 2 nightstands . . . because as I have never seen the purpose of making your bed, I do not see the purpose of a headboard (especially not at the price for a King size one) - and I feel like a footboard would be lost on us with Mr Crandall . . . it will be delivered tomorrow!!

On to enjoy a lazy Sunday . . .

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Wiz said...

So glad I am not the only one who doesnt make my bed :)