Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break Wrap Up

Well we definitely had fun this week!!! We went to the park for bike rides probably 4 or 5 times in addition to bike riding in the driveway. We also had some dance parties!Wednesday Marlie's Daisy troop did pottery painting
Sam and I went along so she could do a little painting too - she chose a bumble bee boxThursday we headed down to Nashville with friends for the reopening of Opry Mills - 2 years after the flood!!! How is it that an entire bridge collapsing in MN took less time to rebuild than a shopping mall that went under water?! Obviously I know that it was funding issues - but it still seems odd. We stopped in at Build a Bear to make a few new friends - curse you Build a Bear for sending me coupons and giving me free things - we need no more stuffed animals! ha!Samantha chose a pink teddy bear
And Marlie chose a purple Hello Kitty
And Build a Bear worked in conjuction with Autism Speaks and this video was shot for the news - you might recognize the stars :)

And the Disney Store gave away Mickey ears!
Friday Grandma and Grandpa stopped through on their way to Chicago - and Marlie was extremely excited to have new UNO partners.
I finally remembered that the sand and water table lowered - so Evan was able to have a lot more fun with it.
I also remembered that I needed to buy him hard soled shoes for outside play now that he is getting so close to walking!
It was a fabulous week and we are going to top it off with a lazy Sunday of doing nothing . . . . ha April Fool's! Like that would happen in our house!

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