Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Yes - three is the number of kiddos we have in our crazy household, the number of times I have to move the dog food each day, and the number of times a day I shake my head and wonder how that many toys/books got on the floor so fast . . . . but it's also the number of haircuts that Evan Michael has now had . . . 3 haircuts before his 1st birthday (again, the girls were 15 and 19 months before they had their 1st)!!! Sheesh - so apparently 3 is also going to be the number of times I will have to multiply our family grooming budget. Perhaps I should've been able to predict this given the length of his father's hair when I married him :)




eHawkins said...

AH! He's so cute, long or short hair! Poor Stella has a mullet. I'm ready for the front of her hair to fill in.

Wiz said...

I think Colt has had three haircuts in his life. That is it :)