Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Weekend So Far

You know with 3 kiddos that there will be an awesome post about all of the wonderfulness left by the Bunny Man tomorrow . . . but here is our weekend so far!

Friday I organized an Easter egg hunt for our MOMS Club - we had about 18 kiddos and it turned out great!! We did a 2 and under group and 3 and over - and it went fabulously! Every kid walked away with a full basket of eggs.
Yes Samantha is wearing a tutu over her jeans (and a fleece since it dropped to 50!)
**I have to make a side note about egg hunts (and I would say a lot of childhood things in general.) I had a friend of mine ask me at the egg hunt if I thought after the kids got eggs that we should even it out so everyone got an equal amount - they did that at her daughter's school's hunt and also at Marlie's class hunt too. I said it wouldn't be a problem because I had everyone bring enough so that we would be good . . . but can I just tell you how against that I am at a freaking fundamental level?!?!?!? I mean, it's not like we're talking cut-throat Darwinism here, but at some point in life you need to freaking figure out that your ability/effort are what get you the win/prize/desired result - and no, I don't think 4 is too young for that lesson. Yes, you can also assume I am that Mom that is soooooo against the "everyone gets a trophy" thing that seems to be dominating kids sports these days - I call bullshit times a thousand. If your kid stands out there picking their nose while my daughter runs her butt off with cat like reflexes and focus, why the hell is she giving your kid half her eggs?! NOW, that being said, if we had a situation where there was a kid who just didn't get enough for whatever reason, I would most certainly encourage my daughter to share - but they're her eggs and her choice (apply this to taxes and take a guess what political affiliation I lean toward! ha!). I am done with my rant for now . . . **

Friday afternoon we dyed Easter eggs with Grandma and Grandpa!
Saturday morning the girls headed with Grandpa and Daddy and made bird feeders at Home Depot. We filled them with seed . . .
In our jammies!
And a few notes on Evan Michael . . . he has a new carseat (told ya I'm impatient) - I feel safe in the decision that his skeletal/muscle system won't be changing too much in the next 3 weeks!
He is cruising and getting braver on those letting go steps - even outside!
And he had is Mickey Mouse overalls on and got very excited that we have counted down 100 days since we started our Countdown to Disney! So he raised his hands in the air . . . like he just didn't care . . . ha! At least I amuse myself :) Now to go stuff some baskets and hide some eggs!


Tina. said...

I can't believe they divide up the easter eggs these days for kids despite their efforts or lack thereof. Reminds me of when I worked for a couple weeks as a housekeeper at a hotel in Johnson City. Pretty quickly I was busting through my assigned rooms way faster than the other lazy ass housekeepers, but instead of letting me leave I had to help the rest with their rooms and stay until they were all done. I quit the next day.

Wiz said...

Completely agree with you about the eggs. My mom and I argue about sports and letting everyone play too. If you arent good enough to play as often as you like, practice and get better. If you dont want to practice, then maybe you ought to find a sport or activity that you WANT to be good at. But like you said about the eggs, if Colt wants to share his fine...but he has to make that decision.