Monday, May 7, 2012

Some "Normal" Days

Well let's see . . . over in the last 3 weeks we have been to the doc 9 times (that's not including visits to the hospital) - so that just seems normal to us now!  And we like to take pics ;)
Posing with our cast and having people sign it seems normal to Marlie - seeing that this is the 2nd summer in a row she has spent this way!
We definitely stay busy . . . because that seems normal!  So we went to the Strawberry Jam on Saturday!
They had a fun little train ride- the girls rode with their BFF Helen.
Then we picked a random bookcase up from the end of someone's driveway - because we live in the South, and that's totally normal.  Would you believe that someone put a solid wood bookcase at the end of their driveway for free?!!?  All it needed was 1 $0.47 shelf bracket!  It looks totally awesome in the girls' room now that we have fixed it and cleaned it up!

Everyone is on the mend it seems - I went to get checked, and my lungs are clear.  Mom is out of the hospital and doing better.  Marlie will go for an xray on Wednesday to see how she's doing.  Sam, unfortunately, is back on breathing treatments - we will give it a couple days.  And Evan is coughing, but the humidifier seems to be tackling that.  Mark my words - we are all leaving this house healthy to go to Disney World!!!!

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