Thursday, May 10, 2012

Visits #10 and #11 plus School News

Wednesday morning we went for doctor visit #10 (this would be since 4/17, so 3 weeks!).  This visit was to the orthopaedist for an x-ray on Marlie's arm.  I was anticipating a routine check - unfortunately, that's not what we got.  The x-ray showed that Marlie's bone is starting to bow.  The doc has decided to give it 1 more week to correct itself - if it doesn't, they will have to operate and reset (rebreak) the bone.  This would reset the clock on time with a cast, and we would be looking at an additional 6 weeks.  Not to mention the heartbreaking fact that our daughter would be having her 2nd surgery before turning 6.  I know it is an arm - not a heart or brain - but the thought of being put under bothers me.  But we are going to cross that bridge next week :)

This morning was doctor visit #11.  This visit was with our peditrician to follow up on our clinic visit from Sunday where Samantha was put back on nebulizer treatments every 4 hours.  We did an x-ray to make sure her lungs were clear with no sign of pneumonia - all good.  And our doc seems to think since steroids and nebs aren't knocking it out it is most likely severe allergies - she just exhibits them completely with a cough - no runny nose or watery eyes - so she gave us some meds to try.  Here's hoping they work . . . but right now I am so thankful that no one is saying asthma!

I just want these beautiful girls to be healthy!!!

Then this evening we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and packed up dinner and headed to the park.  After that we went over to Marlie's school for their "Artists and Authors Night" - all of the kids' artwork and writings are displayed.  It turned out to be extremely awesome for both girls. 

For Samantha, we got to see her Pre-K room for next year.  Luckily, sometimes it pays for my Mom to be nosy :)  She was looking through the door to see in when the Pre-K teacher walked up behind her and said we were welcome to go in.  We explained that we just found out Sam got accepted and she immediately started answering my questions and chatting.  And it was great for Sam to get to explore without other kiddos in there.  After 2 minutes she said to me "Mommy, I'm scared of Pre-K" - so Grandma grabbed her arm and they found all of the non-scary, super great things about the room.  In the end, she felt much better and even said "Goodbye Mrs. Bonner" when we left - my sweet little girl, flashing her manners!  And the teacher made me think again about the bus for her . . . it's only the kids in her class (20 for the teacher plus her assistant) - and the aide rides with the kids in addition to the bus driver . . . we'll see . . .

For Marlie, we got to see her spectacular work and get some exciting news from her teacher.  She is putting in Marlie's file for next year that she be evaluated and recommended for PASS (program for academically superior students).  Right now, in kindergarten, they only offer AR (accelerated reading) - PASS would be a more comprehensive accelerated program - freaking awesome!!!!!  They usually wait until they are a little older, but she feels Marlie should get into it now :) *PROUD*

We are trying to get back to normal (i.e not going to the doc every other day) and amping up for our trip of a lifetime . . . one day at a time . . .

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eHawkins said...

Way to Go Marlie! What a smarty pants, just like her Mom. I also think it's awesome that Sam got to tour her preschool without anyone else there, that made it a heck of a lot less scary I'm sure.

I'm praying for your family to stay well! :-)