Friday, August 24, 2012

A Pictureless Post

This has been a week of adjusting in our house.

Evan and I have been adjusting to having just the two of us every day. We are starting to get a routine and have fun with it - but it will take a little more time I think. And I guess I just haven't been busting out my camera - I will work on that.

Samantha finished her first full week of PreK. So far she is having a blast. She rides the bus to school (for 10 minutes) and then I pick her up in the afternoon. She loves playing in the gym and having recess. I got to see her today while I was at the school working on PTO stuff today - she was sitting quietly eating her lunch - it was sweet!

Of course Marlie is just rolling with the flow right now. I am the one that is having trouble adjusting to her in first grade. Basically our school is not the one with the highest test scores in the county and I am having a hard time with the differences between our school and ones that are a few miles down the road. We are so ready to move to a new school zone that will better align with Marlie and how shall we say, her tendency to be above proficient in school. However, we can't move until we figure out what is going on with Jay and his job as far as us staying or going (I have been saying that for 2.5 years but of course, now is when the ball is rolling!).

I will say this - it always seems that whatever season of parenting you are going through is the most difficult - at least the first time around. Feeding, sleeping, terrible twos, potty training, independent threes, inquisitive fours, etc - but the new one always seems harder than the one before. I thought that between 5-10 would be fairly easy going. I mean, decently independent but before the attitude of preteen hits full on. Wrong!!!!! Now, in the words of a great friend, I have to let the control go to someone who will see her more waking hours a week than I will, and I can't pick that person. And I am having a hard time balancing that fact with the fact that I am her number one advocate in her education. We will get there - unfortunately, I don't think it will be in our current school and there is nothing I can do to change that for the time being.

But all in all it was a great week - and we decided not to let summer go just yet and headed to the pool for a quick swim after school today :) And now that the weekends mean something again, we are ready for one!!

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Wiz said...

Ya know, I havent really thought about this. I have luckily liked most of Colt's daycare/preschool teachers but the time I didnt, I was able to just call the daycare director and have a bitchfest and because i was paying, they had to make sure I was happy or I could just leave. If you have a teacher you dont like in "real" school, well I guess there really isn't a whole lot you can do. I am sure Marlie will thrive no matter what!