Thursday, August 16, 2012

Preschool Here We Come

 Wednesday was Samantha's actual first day of Pre-K.  For the first week, the kids in Pre-K and Kindergarten only go for one day.  It's an assessment day so the teacher can see where there are at - and only do it for a few kids at a time.
She was ready to go as soon as Marlie left - it was hard to explain that she still had an hour and a half to wait for her bus . . . so we took pictures to pass the time.
This picture just screams cute - it reminds me of what I used to call her as a baby - Sammie Michelle
Finally it was time to go outside for the bus . . . how did we get here already?
I remember my first day of Pre-K and being so proud of my backpack (hot pink with Gizmo - nothing screams 80's like neon and The Gremlins!)
 And then she got on the bus.  There was no drama and there were no tears (from Sam anyway).  She simply said "bye Mom, love you" and jumped into her seat.  And then waved and said bye with a big smile as the bus pulled away . . . and then I broke down.  I didn't cry on Marlie's first day getting on the bus.  Marlie has always been an old soul to me . . . that coupled with her fierce independence just made it easy for us to part ways.  But this one, my little Sammie, I was not prepared.  I gathered myself and came to the conclusion that she was either ready to get the hell away from me . . . or, more likely, I did my job and she was just ready for the excitement of school.
When she got home she was just as happy as when she had left.  And dammit if I couldn't grab my camera quick enough to get the picture of Evan running to his sister yelling "hi" (because he talks now!) and giving her a great big hug.  But the memory of that will be forever in my memory - just as much as Marlie getting off the bus and running to Sam to ask her how her first day of Pre-K was and saying to her "Sam that's great, I am so proud of you".  That series of moments right there are what it's about!  Seeing your children geniunely showing love to one another . . . we will remind them of this in 10 years :)
And to celebrate the fabulous day . . . what else?!  We went over to The Cheese!
 And just because he's number 3 and didn't have a back to school story this year, doesn't mean that Evan intended to be left out.  He was up before both girls so I decided to give it a shot and let him eat his breakfast at the craft table . . . and he loved it.  And when he was done he shocked me.  I kid you not, he walked over to the sink and put his plate in!!!!!!!  I was completely stunned . . . and then 3 minutes later he emptied the entire flash card box from the book shelf prompting another move up of things on the bookshelf!  
BUT later in the afternoon he had some cereal in his snack cup . . . so all of a sudden I turn around and he's walking into the kitchen and took his empty snack cup and put it in the sink.  Are you kidding??? Twice in one day he put his dirty dishes in the sink?!?!  Right as I am about to verbalize my amazement I see the large pile of cereal that he had dumped on the floor to empty his snack cup.  So for every genius moment, there is a complete moment of normalcy to bring you back to reality!

Tomorrow starts full time M-F school for Sam (and it also completes Marlie's first week of first grade) . . . the house seems a little more quiet during the day . . . but Evan and I are staying busy.  We went to playgroup yesterday and will go again tomorrow.  First time in my life I will be home with just one baby . . . we are gonna rock it . . .


Tina. said...

These things are all very exciting!

eHawkins said...

I could just eat up that Sammie! I also love the sibling love.

Evan and Mommy time sounds amazing!!

Kasey Noel Rose and Reagan Caroline Rose said...

cant believe they are that old already!!! have fun with just one, it is different!