Thursday, August 9, 2012

The First Day of School

Samantha Michelle - First Day of PreK
Marlie Katherine - First Day of 1st grade 
Could they be any cuter, smarter, awesome, and wonderful?? And that sign on the door will be in all of our 1st day pics - it was Jayson's Grandparents (hence the colors) and I think it will make a cute backdrop - plus with moves in our future I should always be able to replicate a white door and that sign. It only has 4 owls and people comment that we need to add a 5th owl - funny story, they had a family of 5 too, so I think we will just keep it :)

We are pumped and ready for a great school year. Sam's first day was just paperwork. She has her testing on Wednesday and then Friday will be when it all begins - and then Evan and I are left alone :) Marlie had a great first day - she was picked as line leader on the first day - awesome! And came home excited - and as I read her teacher letter I tried to be excited with her - I am hoping for the best. I can get over the fact that it's the teacher's first job, and I can assume that her having a 3yr old and a 3mo old won't affect her ability to handle the new job - but seriously, if that chic doesn't start smiling we are gonna have a problem!!! Where's the enthusiasm??
 Today was Evan's first day walking out to the bus stop with everyone too! He did his job as a protective brother and even made sure to flash his smile and wave to the bus driver!
 And I made a fun little sign for Marlie to see when she got off the bus from her first day! But who really cares about the sign when there is a blow pop involved :)

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