Tuesday, September 11, 2012

100 and the Dog Park

When Samantha started PreK she told me that she hoped when she was in PreK she would be "smart like sis".  I asked her why she thought Marlie was smart - and she told me because she could count to 100.  So I told her that she could count to 100 if she tried . . . keeping in mind that the expectation starting Kindergarten is to rote count to 25 and be able to rote count to 100 by the end.  Marlie started Kindergarten counting to 100 - and I told Sam she could to if she tried.  So each morning while we wait for the bus I say "I wonder if the bus will come before you count to 100".  She has been having issues with the ten markers after 30, but it clicked one day and that's all it took - she can bust it out to 100 now.  And there you have it - in her eyes now, she's as smart as Marlie.  In my eyes, she is so amazing in her own way and smart in ways that even Marlie can't touch.  And thankfully, in Marlie's eyes, she's "super smart" and she tells Samantha that and encourages her on her homework and tells her what a great job she is doing in PreK.  There is something about this little girl that will always melt my heart . . .
After Samantha got on the bus yesterday (which thankfully we didn't have to run for like Marlie's!), Evan woke up from his morning nap and we headed to the dog park to meet friends and get Sota some exercise.  He will be 8 next month, so he is a senior, but he will give any puppy out there a serious run for their money!
Evan didn't want to run much . . . oddly enough I take him to the park to get his energy out but he just likes to chill and enjoy the weather . . . and his snacks!

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