Thursday, September 6, 2012

At Least It's Not Broken

We ended up in Urgent Care last night for an X-ray of Samantha's foot! Luckily nothing was broken - just some torn ligaments. She fell on her foot and it bent back . . . and kept bending until a ligament snapped.  She is tightly wrapped and taking some ibuprofen and doing some icing - but happy to go to school today and turn in her homework :)
And just so we are clear the scene below is the exact OPPOSITE of what was occurring when this injury took place.  They were just running around being kids and this is what happens I guess.  I figure the bruises and broken bones are just a badge of a fun childhood . . . at least that's what I am telling myself :)
And as always, as not to be left out from the fun and excitement, Evan flexed his new skill of drinking out of a cup without a lid today . . . too bad he did it after he grabbed a cup and filled it for himself . . . from Sota's water dish . . . oh the fabulousness!

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Pink Caddy Rocks said...

Get well Sam and Rock OUT the dog bowl Evan! Love these guys. You will be able to write
a book.