Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Grandma and Grandpa came up from Atlanta for the long weekend!  We had a blast as always - and the girls enjoyed having people around to play games with!  Jay and I play at least one game a day, if not more - but games usually have to be squeezed in while Evan is sleeping - nap or bedtime.  So that doesn't leave a lot of time . . . not to mention, I am not the biggest board game fan - but I do it (just like reading!).  Anyway - they love playing games with Grandma and Grandpa!
Home Depot on Saturday of course - the girls went with just Grandpa - they love his truck - and getting Frosty's afterwards
 Then we did a little swimming at the hotel after naptime
 And of course filled piggy banks
 And like I said, lots of game playing.  The 2 obsessions of the girls right now - board games and Legos!! I have started checking out learning games from our Learning Center (like a library but with different things) to mix it up a bit.  Apparently we need a little class on board game ethics though - Samantha tried to stack the cards in Candyland when playing with Grandma . . . and Marlie used her old memory cards instead of the new ones because she has the creases in the cards memorized, so she could beat Grandpa.  Points for creativity I guess . . . but we still had chats about cheating . . . funny they never try to pull that stuff on Jay and I . . .
 The girls took Grandpa to Walmart and managed to come home with a few new Legos!
Other than that - we grilled out, played more games, and just had fun.  However, the one non-fun thing that occurred, somehow Evan's shoe has been lost.  He only had one pair that fit - well, now he's wearing his spare pair that may be slightly big, but are working.  Grandpa thinks he ate the shoe - I checked the trash, so I am at a total loss.  It is so beyond frustrating to lose something like that.  All shoes in our house reside at the front door on a shoe rack (well, not mine, I have more than 2 pairs) - and all of a sudden, missing shoe.  He wears a size 6 so I know it didn't go down the toilet . . . irritating first world problem!!!

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