Monday, October 1, 2012

Fun Times

Saturday morning we headed over to the caves - supposedly to see a play by the Children's Theater (which we've done several times) - but on this particular day, they must have forgotten.  We had a nice walk though and then enjoyed lunch at the campground.
After short naps I took the kiddos to the library so the girls could attend the Fancy Nancy party they had.  The girls got all dressy and had a great time listening to stories, doing crafts, and of course, being fancy and walking the runway!  Then it was off to dinner at OC - where the girls received a VERY BIG surprise . . . Barry and Donna and asked them if they would like to spend the night at the motorhome . . . oh the fun . . . they made a lot of fun memories and truly just had an awesome time!
And since the girls were with Barry and Donna, Jayson and I awoke to only 1 child on Sunday morning and decided breakfast would be a breeze (and cheaper!).  We decided to try out Steak and Shake - there was no one there (it was 7am) and kids eat free apparently . . . it was so easy with just one that Jayson had time to play the animal crane and win Evan a stuffed hamburger!
We had a nice dinner back at the house Sunday night . . . and Evan decided that for Halloween he wants to be a feminine version of Mr T :) 
In all seriousness, I am starting to be concerned about his obsession with putting on several necklaces at a time, all the time . . . .

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