Saturday, October 20, 2012

Playdoh and a Fall Fling

I like Playdoh . . . doesn't bother me in the slightest as long as it doesn't make its way to a carpeted area.  I have learned that I am very much in the minority of moms with this statement.  I even have friends who adamently oppose even letting the stuff in their house!  But I think it's great, especially at Evan's age (assuming that they don't try to eat it! and yes I know there are edible playdough recipes, but I've never been able to figure out how you then explain that only some playdough is ok to eat?!?!).  We have made several batches for Sam's PreK class at the request of her teacher - it's super quick and easy . . . though I don't know if its more economical.  I buy Playdoh on clearance and with coupons and stock that stuff up when it's on sale!  The stuff you make yourself requires cream of tartar which isn't the cheapest ingredient in the world.
Anyway, I like to sit down and play with Playdoh - it's one of the few things I like to play.  Sad, but true, sitting down and playing isn't my forte - unless we are talking a board game with a definite start and finish or a craft project that is resulting in a finished product.  But Playdoh can just be fun . . .
And we have all kinds of accessories including stamps
The problem with playing with the kids is (similar to coloring with them) there is no respect for your work! "Oh, what's that Mom, you made this nice little piece and you want to take a picture of it?"
"How about I just take my rolling pin and roll over it and make a little better i.e. demolish it"
Oh the joys of being a type A personality and having kids . . . yes I realize it is an idiotic thing, and I don't actually get mad (anymore) - I just take pictures and laugh (now)
And staying true to my desire of more pictures of me and the kiddos . . . here you go!  I took the girls to a friend's school last night for a fall festival.  They had a blast playing games and getting hopped up on some sugar . . . and Sam won a cake in the cake walk (tried a piece and its totally nothing like the lady whose mother made it built it up to be) and was very proud to bring home an entire cake to her Dad who loves sweets!

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Wiz said...

Hahahaha! I totally get the type A thing! I wont let Colt play games on my phone because he messes up where I left off and it annoys me! And then I ask myself...WHY DO YOU CARE??? And Colt better not think about cheating on Candyland. Gosh, I am such a nerd!