Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kids Age You

I read an article once stating that individuals that have children actually live a longer life - now that I am fully into the child rearing years, I would like to know how the hell that is possible?

I feel like my children have taken years off my life! How many weeks have I lived that have felt like an eternity, thus taking years off my heart and nerves?? This last week I have spent in a constant state of anxiety thanks to new Baby Crandall. Last week when I went to the OB they didn't know if I was off on my dates or if the baby stopped growing - yesterday we found out the baby is growing just fine and I was both off on my dates and tested positive extremely early!

I would say this was the longest week of my life - but was it? Or was that when I had to wait to find out if the cysts on Evans brain would disappear in a few weeks or would they be a marker for a condition that was not compatible with life? Or was it the week I had to wait it out to learn whether Marlie would have to have a 2nd surgery on her broken arm? Or was it the time I had to wait to see if Sam's intussussception would relapse requiring surgery? Or how about the minutes spent during an ultrasound with Sam when they couldn't find the 4th chamber of her heart??

I mean seriously - how much life has been taken off my nerves? And these people are supposed to help me live longer??

I cannot wait to see what the redeeming events that they have later in life are to actually renew the days that have been taken off during these early stages . . . And given my personal teenage years, there will be a lot of ground to make up . . . And I am so ready for every moment of it . . . most days!

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Wiz said...

So glad everything is ok. And I so know what you mean!! Right now I am waiting on labor. Just sitting in limbo, waiting till this baby decides he is ready. So hard to be out of control.