Thursday, December 20, 2012

Party Time! Excellent!!

The title of the post only works if you say it in Wayne's World context . . . just like the caption for the next picture only works if you sing it in Outkast context . . .
Throw your hands in the air and wave em like you just don't care!
Evan was ready to party with his biggest sister yesterday for her classroom Christmas party!
And then today was Samantha's classroom Christmas party!  They all came in their pajamas and had a pancake breakfast.
And then she took me around the room and showed me how she does her centers - and we played at the house center and she dressed me up and made me tea!
Then they had a classroom book exchange and did it by playing hot potato with the music and the books :)  I will say the boy circle was a lot more physically interactive (i.e. violent) than the girls circle while passing!
Finally they watched the rest of the Polar Express!  Then it was off to pick Marlie up from her classroom and head to the cafeteria so that we could set up for the teacher's Christmas luncheon.  The girls behaved the entire time and received some of the leftover cheesecake as their reward!  They were such awesome helpers in the cleanup process too!!  After all was said and done there was a ton of leftover food (we had Olive Garden cater it), so I told the girls it was time to be elves and go up help people!  So we boxed up enough food to easily feed 25-30 people (and breadsticks for 100!) and headed down to one of our local food pantries that serves hot meals.  They had some good questions on the way home about the place and how it worked - and we had some good discussions about it.
And to continue our giving, we are going to finish up our last round of baking tonight.  We will head to the library tomorrow for Christmas storytime and our librarians are so awesome that they totally deserve presents!!  We also finished up all of our teacher gifts and deliveries and checked off our last one with the mailman yesterday.  He is a sweet old man and his face lit up when Sam gave him the box of goodies and said "Merry Christmas Mr. Mailman!" Of course, her voice melts hearts pretty easily!!

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eHawkins said...

OMG! Stella wore those same PJs to daycare on Friday for her PJ day! I swear Sam and Stella are sisters from a different mother. ha ha ha. I just love those PJs!