Sunday, January 13, 2013

Extra Curriculars

Marlie had her first guitar lesson yesterday!!

We had planned on indoor soccer as a winter activity, but it filled up crazy fast - and it just so happened that there were spots left in the local beginners guitar class. The ages are 8-12 but I convinced the instructor that she would do fine - and she did :)

She had a good time and I think will do really well. The problem will be when she finishes the 6 week class and loves it and then someone tries to talk me into private lessons - those things are $25/30min lesson!!! Um, no! That's why I immediately said yes to the class - $100 for 6 1 hour classes seemed like a steal! We will cross that bridge in a bit!

I was secretly hoping that someone would ask to take ballet or something - but neither girl has asked, and while our budget is of course grateful, the nostalgic part of me would love to relive the little pink leotards and ballet slippers from my childhood :) No doubt the practical part of me wins out and knows we have many years of activities ahead, so no sense in pushing it now! I mean, summer will come and we will do the standard swim lessons and tball, assuming Marlie doesn't break an arm and that Sam plays if she's not with Marlie. She didn't want to do soccer because she wouldn't be on Marlie's team.

And then of course, you ask Mr. Crandall and he will tell you the pee wee football starts for Evan at 4 . . . We have a few years to discuss that one . . . But if you mention the prospect of his son not playing football, he simply acts as if you're not speaking English! That is seriously his tactic . . .

I really feel that with all of the activities and things that kids can do these days, the classics are where it's at - for me, I am all about Girl Scouts! I think you get the widest exposure to different activities and things as well as good all around lessons on life and behavior. And it is a great bonus when you have a fabulous troop leader and other troop moms like we have been blessed with in Marlie's troop. She is even going to bridge with the girls to Brownies at the end of summer! I can't believe next year I will have a Daisy AND a Brownie!!!! Wow, and just like that the schedule fills up . . . Maybe I don't need someone to take ballet . . . But if someone could just ask to get their ears pierced . . . :)


Pink Caddy Rocks said...

Or an eyebrow or tongue? Hmmm it seems I remember....

angietune said...

Was searching for my GF's blog and came across your interesting one. Started reading and had to laugh at your comment, "...if someone could just ask to get their ears pierced .. . :)"

Like you, I really wanted our dd to have her ears pierced too. Wanted to share how I moved things along with my ODD. I bought her a nice pair of pearl earrings since she always ran around with a faux pearl necklace even sleeping with it on occasion. After all, what little girl can resist pearls?

When I gave Sandi those pearl earrings, she loved them. Immediately, she noticed they were for pierced ears. I told her she could have them done if she wanted. She hesitated and then held them up to her ears in front of the mirror. Smiling from ear to ear, she said, Mommy...I want my ears pierced so I can wear these earrings!

Two things happened next. I took her and her little sister age 3 to Piercing Pagoda. Our ped recommended the due to their level of professional training and experience in piercing babies and little girls. She was right and my dd actually picked out pair of pearl piercing earrings and was so brave, but thrilled with herself and how she looked with pierced ears.

Well, I didn't expect what happened next. Missy, her 3 yr sister said she wanted earrings too like her big sister. When it rains, it pours since I always said when my girls asked, they could have them done. I didn't know Missy's older sister would have provided peer pressure. Almost in a spur of the moment, I decided to let both girls have them done. Literally, my youngest hopped up in the chair and barely shed a tear. Both girls did great and looked adorable with little gold studs in their ears.

I'd say you might be like me secretly wanting your ODD to have her ears pierced. If so, then your mommy intuition is telling you to start hinting around with your oldest about having her ears pierced. It was no problem caring for both gitls during the healing process. Also be prepared to have both girls done if your oldest decides to have her ears pierced soon.

Good luck, but I think you will be happy with your girls ears pierced now.