Sunday, February 24, 2013

Colors and Shapes - the Advanced Version

Samantha has been attached to this large workbook that her she got from Grandma and Grandpa in Atlanta back at Christmas. It's a Kindergarten workbook with 349 pages - something about it being so big appeals to her more than the little workbooks I normally get at the Dollar Tree. It's a continuing project that she started around the middle of January one Saturday while Marlie was at guitar class. As of this morning she is on page 261! She has methodically worked her way through the book - at times asking for help with instructions, but for the most part, independently - and most importantly, at her own pace and by her own decision! But I thought I would share a few pages she did in the color and shapes section this weekend.

I will say that this page left Jayson and I with our jaws just hanging for a minute. She did this one on her own. I took a picture before she went on to color it - but look very carefully at the picture. The only way to know how to match the objects to the color train is if you are able to READ OR RECOGNIZE THE COLOR WORD!!!!! Perfectly understandable for a Kindergarten workbook - color and number words are some of the first sight words you learn . . . in KINDERGARTEN! Not because I don't think it's possible that she's learned it, I was just shocked - so my initial reaction was to see what Marlie was doing in case she had helped her. Well that quickly went out of my head because little miss rockstar was sitting there playing guitar unaware of Sam. We have reviewed the words a few more times over the weekend, and she has in fact learned those sight words. 

I am officially now more concerned about her over preparation for kindergarten more than I was for Marlie. I was so completely off when I said that she was going to preschool for the social aspect - that has been a huge thing for her for sure - but I underestimated what she would learn - I thought they would stick to the very basics which she knew, but her teacher is on her game and continues to provide challenges for her! I would LOVE to just take her to Kindergarten with us. I think that she will be the teacher I compare our other teachers to - love her!!!!! But I had introduction of sight words on my summer project list - looks like she is going to be reading by then! Oh my . . . Maybe I will just let her work with Marlie on her summer project, learning cursive (because in case you haven't found out, the fabulous public school system has deemed this skill unworthy of its time, they no longer teach it!!!! That's right - the current generation is growing up printing their damn signatures! NOT IN THIS HOUSE).

Anyway . . . This one was another funny page . . . And a good story to end on . . . 
The conversation about this page went like this:
Sam: I colored all of the triangles Mommy
Me: Do you think you should color the teepee too?
Sam: No
Me: Why?
Sam: Um, because its not a triangle Mommy, it's a cone!

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Pink Caddy Rocks said...

Love it! Love her! I know you and J are poppin your buttons!