Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Workout

I have been doing the Jillian Michael's 90 day body revolution for a while. I started with my friend Emily back in July, but had to let it go for a bit with the pregnancy and surgery recovery. We started a new 90 days on NYE and are 2 weeks from finishing and starting again. It's 6 days a week and it is priceless to have a friend doing it with you - accountability is key!

And while its great to have a friend to email with and keep on track with, my 2 workout buddies are my rays of hope in the grueling process. I do my workout after Marlie gets on the bus but before Sam leaves - so Evan and Sam always partake in the "fun". They usually last for about 10 minutes and will intermittently come back throughout. But when they are into it, they rock it out. Evan likes to shout "pop" when Jillian does - and if she is yelling stearnly, even a 4 year old will drop to the ground!

I love my workout partners. . . Except when Sam takes Jillian's side and chooses to shout things like "higher Mommy" or "you need to get down lower" . . . But at least she is a little nicer about it :)

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