Friday, March 1, 2013

Just Some Activities

We haven't been super busy over the last few days, but we still have our activities. The stomach bug came back and got Jayson and me on Wednesday night - luckily it didn't stick around long and the kids are fine!

But Wednesday morning Evan and I took a tour of Publix with playgroup. He was a little young but had fun with the free snacks and touching a lobster!!

And Thursday night the girls and I picked up Grandma and went to the Learning Center for an accounting workshop for preschoolers - 1st grade. Um, it was for preschoolers, Marlie enjoyed the free pizza but she was way past it. But it was awesome for Samantha to start learning about money. Marlie is really getting into it right now and enjoying fun money games and activities, but Sam hasn't been interested - which is completely fine, they don't start learning values really until first grade . . . Just another thing to put her ahead I guess. I think the point is also to teach to save money - which my girls know all about:

"Mom can I get this?"
"Sure - here's your wallet with your spending money"
"But can't you use your money? I want to save mine!"
Yea - they want to save all of their money!

Now we are getting ready for a weekend of blizzards - you know, 1 inch of snow!!!

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