Thursday, April 25, 2013

Marshmallow Shapes

Marlie came home from school asking if she could have some toothpicks and marshmallows so that she could show Sam how to make some shapes. So I gave her the requested supplies and it played out like this:

M: Sam let me show you how to make shapes - lets start with a square
S: I got it Marlie, I know how to do it
M: Sam you don't know how to do it unless I show you first
S: I got it Marlie, stop telling me what to do
M: Fine - Mom, I guess Sam doesn't want to know how to make shapes
S: Yes I do - I already did one - see, a pentagon!

Um yea . . . I thought she was 4 . . .

And not to be outdone . . .

M: Oh yea, well I can make 3 dimensional shapes like cubes and pyramids!

Um, I thought she was only 6 . . .

S: Well I bet you can't make a circle!
M: Of course I can't, a circle has no angles or vertices so there's no way to do that with toothpicks!

I stood amazed at the conversation that I was listening to . . . But my fabulous little boy brought me back to reality as he said "Look Mommy" and proudly held up a toothpick squished to the max with marshmallows and shoved it in his mouth :)

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