Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Break - Days 6 and 7

Shock, but the weather was a little too chilly to do the zoo - so we headed for an indoor activity and went to Pump it Up! The kids had a blast, and Samantha and Marlie made sure that Evan and Caroline were protected from older kids :)
And while the younger kids took naps, Marlie and I went and did a little shopping with our friend Tee, and she got to experience the joy that is Super Target!!!
She had a blast - who wouldn't??? It's Super Target!!

On Friday we hit up a couple of fun stores - the first was Wild Rumpus, a fabulous children's bookstore that has a great selection, and a bunch of animal friends to help you pick out books!!

This is Carl Sagan, the chicken resident!
And there were about 20 other animals to look at! 
But the kiddos all enjoyed getting to pick out 1 book too, and then kicking back and reading a bit :)
Then it was off to Choo Choo Bob's where no pictures were taken because we were too busy watching the amazement on the kids' faces, especially Evan! It has been almost a week since we were at that store and he still asks every day if we can go!!! I think we know Evan's plans the next time he goes to Minnesota.

Friday night we ended our trip with fun and dinner at the Mecca for children, Chuck E Cheese!!!

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