Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Halloween and Weekend Fun

Well, it was definitely a first ever in my life this year! Due to severe weather (as in possible tornadoes), Halloween got postponed!!! Well, 3 kids ready for candy cannot be told that trick or treating was cancelled! So we headed to the church where Marlie goes for Girl Scouts - they had moved their trunk or treat indoors. It was perfect - low key and lots of candy. We did a drive by on the mall and realized the entire city was inside, so we gave that idea up quickly!
Our pumpkin 
Our Strawberry Fairy
And for the 3rd year in a row, Jessie (with new accessories)
And of course, Army Ranger Uncle Eric
Then we tried for round 2 on Friday night!
Evan switched to Elmo (his actual costume - the pumpkin was Sam's - but when you only pay $3 for a costume, who cares what they wear!) Lots of candy was acquired and consumed! Grandma stayed to hand out candy - sadly, no one came. The rest of us headed out. Evan and Sam, as always, went back early. I should say Sam was done, so we headed back - Evan certainly would've kept going, but it was past his bedtime. He was naturally a champ!
So the kiddos had some fun before heading for their sleepover at the motor house! Did I mention that we had Barry and Donna here since Wednesday? Lots of good times!
Saturday morning Evan and I picked the girls up from the motorhome and did what we do - went to Home Depot to build sailboats!
Then it was off to paint some ornaments at a pottery event.
Every Grandma saw that pic of Evan and was worried he was tired or not feeling well - nope, he doesn't get tired - just a chance pic in between facial expressions, and he was too busy to sit for another! Ha!

Then it was back to the motor house for lunch :)
It was a very fun few days filled with family . . . Definitely one of the first leaves to go on our thankful tree this week - family!!!

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