Saturday, December 7, 2013

All Kinds of Holiday Fun and Traditions

School was cancelled on Friday because of potential ice storms (yea, we live in the south!). So we decided to do round 1 of baking - gingerbread cookies for the neighbors!

***Side note - Marlie is always a helper and loves the holidays, but this year she is really showing me that she is growing up. After a few tries she mastered wrapping presents and insisted on doing the majority of the gifts. And then when baking she totally has the hang of stamping out the cookies and putting them in the oven. I love that she is gaining skills and loves all parts of the holidays like I do . . . But with the good comes the bad - the bad being the fear that I have creeping up that my days of her childhood belief in the magic are numbered . . . ****

So we baked!
After baking with kids over the years, I have finally learned the system and we got through with no fighting or arguing - it was glorious! Even Evan jumped in for a few turns.
Then on Saturday morning we headed for our monthly tradition - Home Depot!
Afterwards we delivered cookies to the neighbors and then got some disappointing news that our Girl Scout Christmas event in Nashville was cancelled due to potential ice!!!! Seriously?!?!? So I tried to make the day as fun for the girls as possible. We had lunch and ran a couple errands, came home to craft and plan Marlie's "big girl" Christmas party she is throwing, and then did another holiday tradition - roasted some marshmallows :)
A holiday movie and roasted marshmallows - days don't end any better than that!

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