Sunday, December 1, 2013

O Christmas Tree

We headed out to a little farm to get our Christmas tree!
It was a fun time - even though we didn't cut down our tree.
Unfortunately we don't live in an area where my favorite trees, Frazier Firs, grow. But we still got a beautiful one straight from North Carolina.
We saw some Christmas lights and then headed home to decorate our tree! It was Sam's turn for the star this year :)
We are all set now and ready to sit back and enjoy the holiday good times with the kiddos (because yes, my shopping is done!).
Our silly mantel this year is too wide for our stocking holders, so the toy shelf gets a dressing up with the stockings! Ha!
Nothing says Sunday afternoon like candles, a Christmas tree, and naturally, a Vikings football game :)

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Pink Caddy Rocks said...

Your home is very beautiful. I hope the kids are all well now and that you all have a fun in the weeks ahead.

Loads of love!