Monday, March 10, 2014

A Big Day in This House

Well it started out as a pretty big day because we changed over Evan's room to move him into his big twin bed.
This was exciting and brought about the awesome result of simultaneously getting the nursery about done since Evan is sharing a room with baby boy.
We need to change out the initials over the crib, maybe find a cute bumper, but mostly done! We even sorted out baby's board books over in the reading corner.
Unfortunately Evan wanted nothing to do with the super cute bedding that I have for him - luckily I paid almost nothing for it - who needs fabulous bedding when you have a Thomas blanket made by Grandma :)
And not to be left out, the girls got a little makeover the other day in their room in the form of bunk beds!
They had hoped the baby was a girl so that they would have to get bunk beds to make room for a crib - well, we helped them be excited about the baby being a boy by going ahead and getting the bunk beds. Aren't they cute? $80 on Craigslist - that's impossible to beat for the cuteness. And it cleared a ton of floor space for them.
So as if all of that wasn't enough, after a week off of school for snow and ice we had 70 degree weather today. The kids went out to play after dinner tonight and Marlie finally decided she wanted to give her bike a try. We took the training wheels off months ago but she was just too scared to try. Tonight something clicked and she wanted to go . . . And go she did!!!
I think that baby milestones are awesome - and obviously we have had our share of first words, rolling over, crawling, first teeth, etc. But THIS, this is the stuff that this parenting business is made of!! Learning to ride a bike without training wheels - it's FREAKING AMAZING!!! Totally ranks right up there with learning to read - I am amazed by this . . . 

And because that wasn't enough to make Marlie's day huge, she also informed me on the way to get celebratory milkshakes that she was picked today from her class to move to the next level in the grade spelling bee!!! I mean seriously?!? My friend Emily sent me this and it is totally accurate for Marlie's day . . . 
So proud of my "baby" girl . . . Awesome days like this make it just a teeny bit easier to deal with the fact that she's not our baby anymore . . . And she still gets to give us our "firsts" and all new milestones . . . 

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Tina. said...

The girls' room looks so awesome! That bunk bed is so stylin.