Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Crazy Saturday

We did some running on Saturday for sure!! Everyone had their own activities and places to be. 

The day started by Marlie being dropped off to ride to Nashville with her Girl Scout troop. Their first activity to do with their cookie money was heading to the Aquarium Restaurant to participate in a program and be a marine biologist for a day.
They learned about fish and such and then got to dissect a squid.
The face says it all :)
While she was enjoying her time with her troop, Samantha went to have an Easter egg hunt, earn some badges, plant some flowers, and have fun with her Girl Scout troop.
As to not be left out, Evan headed over to Grandma's apartment complex for their Easter party!
Although he didn't have the chance to get Easter eggs, he got a cupcake, so it was a win in his book :)
Whew . . . And that was a day . . . 

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