Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

I was woken up with breakfast in bed by the kids this morning. Jay was gone for work by 5:30am, so they put donuts on a plate and brought them in at 6:15am! They also had some beautiful cards and crafts they made for me. Everything had very sweet sentiments, especially the book Sam wrote me all by herself!

Next up we headed over to a friend's birthday party. That was not my planned or favorable way to spend Mother's Day, but Jayson was at work all day and she's a good friend, so we went.
We stopped by Grandma's house for lunch on the way home and finished our day outside playing with water - because that's what we do every day when it's warm!
I am very blessed to have these 3 (and a half) reasons to celebrate this holiday. And there's always the possibility of a relaxing Mother's Day next year, or 10 years after that . . . Ha! But that's just not the season of life I am in right now . . . And 15 years from now there will be time for formal Mother's Day brunches and I will miss my donuts on a plate and my kids running and screaming outside all day . . . 

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