Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Move

Tomorrow is moving day - I might actually survive the process of moving 5 weeks before having a baby!!!

I finally packed the toys yesterday, so the kids are forced to be creative in play - hence fort building out of bedding waiting to be washed :)
And here is a picture of our new home:
It's older - and there are things I love and things I will learn to live with. Things I love: more space, a huge, private yard with big old trees, my girls attending a school ranked in the top 5% in the state (the entire purpose for this particular house), my Mom finding a perfect apartment 4 miles down the road, 3 full bathrooms, and most importantly, my pantry:
It will be a great home for our family! And at this point getting settled and bringing home a baby will seem calming after the last few weeks! I could've lived my whole life without moving 34 weeks pregnant - but at least I will make it through, I had my doubts a few weeks ago!!!

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