Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Visit at the Motorhouse

We were blessed with some visitors this week - as you can see by the previous post, Barry and Donna were in town! So naturally, that meant some time for all of the kiddos at the motorhome! 

Unfortunately they were here during the week, so the girls didn't get to spend the night, but they did get an afternoon to "be so bored" at the motorhome :) haha

The campsite down the road from our house is beautiful! They were right on be lake.
Jay took the kids down to the lake to skip rocks and find shells - he's a pretty good Dad, I think I will keep him :)
We had an awesome lunch at a cafe next door to Mom's new place - we will be frequenting that place for lunch! Hudson was thrilled about all of our activities :)
Especially when he got to hang out with Barry! Hehe
It was a wonderful visit and we are excited that we will see them again soon for Thanksgiving (I have written it down on the blog, so now they have to come!).

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