Saturday, October 18, 2014

2 Months

Hudson Eric hit the 2 month mark last week with flying colors! We went for his checkup and the doc was more than pleased. 
No, Hudson didn't go to the beach for a well visit. Our peditrician's office has each room done in a country's theme - and this time we got Tahiti!! He went from being 4 weeks old with weight gaining issues and weighing 7.9 to 9 weeks old and busting out at 11.9 - smaller than his brother but bigger than his sisters!

There is no doubt that there is a visible change in his appearance!
And I think he is still looking like his "twin" older sister (Marlie) a little bit :)
He definitely follows her with his serious looks! Evan and Sam were already cracking up and smiling non stop at this point. But he does smile, especially when Grandma talks to him . . . He also falls asleep listening to her :) hahahaha 
It's been a crazy two months, but we love the place this little guy has made for himself in our family. 

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