Thursday, October 30, 2014

Buffalo Wild Wings

We went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings last night for Spirit Night for the girls' school. The restaurant donates a portion of each check from any students that go to eat on that night. We hadn't been in years to a BWW, but since it was Spirit Night and we had a gift card from Aunt Katy, we decided to give it a try. Well within minutes the kids decided it was their favorite restaurant ever . . . because instead of old school crayons and coloring sheets they handed out tablets loaded with games! Our kids were in their own personal heavens!!!!
It was great - not only did we get to sit and play games with them, but no one minded waiting and we actually got to enjoy a peaceful dinner out - those are words that do not generally appear in the same phrase when talking about a restaurant and 4 kids!!! As an added bonus they finished their dinners in record time so they could get the tablets back!!! And as always, Hudson was thrilled to experience a new restaurant :)
Is he not the sweetest little man ever?!? 

It was a great night out as a family - and while I don't think they have the best food in the world, even decent food is made awesome when you can eat your meal hot and in relative silence! We will be going back for sure!!! 

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