Thursday, April 16, 2015

What Samantha Has Been Up To

On Friday, Samantha went with her Girl Scout troop to a spa party at a kids salon, Giggles! They used their money that they worked hard to earn selling cookies!
The doll in the picture is her new doll, Parker. It was a gift that Grandpa let her pick out while he was here.

While she was having a spa party, we picked up Grandma and Uncle Eric and went for some treats at Maggie Moo's!
And yesterday Sam's class finally got to go on their field trip to the zoo that got postponed from the fall. Daddy went with her for zoo fun!

Aside from all of the fun stuff, she has also been doing an awesome job at school. The last few weeks she has been testing for the gifted program and doing great with her accelerated reading.

She is definitely still our ray of sunshine and awesomeness . . . I just can't believe that she's almost 7years old . . . 

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