Sunday, May 24, 2015

9 Months Old

A little bit late, but such is the life of the fourth baby!

Hudson turned 9 months old 10 days ago and has had a lot of stuff start happening since that milestone. He is finally making attempts at crawling, sorta. He's trying to belly flop from a sitting position. Jayson had the milestone of taking 4 kids to the doctor for the first time for Hudson's 9 month checkup - he was 20.3lbs and 31.75in. As I looked back to see that he was 2lbs lighter but 2in taller than Evan I read about all the physical/movement things Evan was doing at 9 months - so I am VERY okay that my last baby is taking his time and relaxing!
Right now he is sprouting his 6th tooth - he got his 2 front teeth AFTER his 2 side teeth on the top - so for a while he looked like our little vampire baby. He likes to chew on paper the most . . . 
We are going to start trying some dairy in hopes that he's outgrown his milk protein allergy . . . But it will have to wait until he busts through this cold that he's got right now. He was up to 101.4 yesterday and the snot is flowing. He's definitely a boy though - every time he sneezes and snot flies out he laughs! Hehe

In just 3 months he's grown 3in and gained 3lbs . . . He is still making up for that slow start.
He is such a sweet boy and if he weren't going through some rough teething I would try to make time stand still . . . But I love him and his silly smile more than words . . . He is definitely the perfect cap on our baby years . . . 

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