Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

It was a fabulous time celebrating. The costume run down . . . 

Marlie - bride and a witch alternating
Samantha - ninja
Evan - Wolverine and a ninja alternating
Hudson - lobster, dragon, and a pumpkin

The older 3 had a birthday party, then we went to Publix so Hudson could do a little trick or treating, stopped by the church for dinner and some fun activities, and finished up with trick or treating with the Alexander's!

The fun started on Friday though with the boys doing some trick or treating downtown.
Then there was a Halloween party at the kids' dojo - Sam's bff Aubrynne came with us.
Friday night we carved and painted pumpkins - in Tennessee it's really too warm out to carve pumpkins early - we have learned it's not worth dealing with rotten pumpkins!
The carved pumpkin that every kiddo had a part in carving.
Hudson's trick or treating time at Publix
Fun at the church 
The main event . . . With Jayson as Raphie from A Christmas Story.
With friends!
And one of the cutest lobster ever from his playgroup party!
Halloween wore everyone out . . . But the sugar kept us going!
Days like that are what having kids and being a family are all about . . . Fun and togetherness . . . Our little entourage of small people is pretty awesome and can always be counted on for good times!

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