Sunday, December 27, 2015

'Twas the Week Before Christmas

WAnd lots of fun was had . . . And some not so fun things too.

Sota had his staples out from surgery.
Evan unfortunately got strep . . . It started with some puking in the checkout line at Target (it was great!) and then he missed going down to Opryland for ICE - we are saving the actual ICE exhibit for this week so he can go.
But we did walk around and see the lights.
And Jay and the girls did some ice skating . . . Only in Tennessee is it 65 degrees a few days before Christmas and you can still ice skate outdoors!
Sam was not a fan but Marlie loved it!!!
Hudson and I hung out and ate treats, so he was a fan.
Then there was gingerbread building - a house and a train - the project continued for a day or two as they kept adding things.
And crafts were made by the kiddos.
It was a fantastic week spent with the kids!!!

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Pink Caddy Rocks said...

Looks like you are making the best of your time off! Merry New Year!