Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

What can I say about 2015 . . . It was definitely a year of . . . we will say lots of stuff. We overcame a lot of challenges that came our way. It most certainly was not a year full of sunshine and rainbows, but we pulled through by pulling together, not only as our little family unit, but with our family and friends as a whole.

I can look back at the year and shake my head and take a very deep breath and say that it's over and 2016 has to be a better year!

The last week has been a rough one health-wise in our home. Our 3rd case of strep (Evan for the 2nd time in 6 weeks), me having a nasty virus that landed me in the ER, and we wrapped up the year with Jayson, Sammie, and Marlie all throwing up on NYE! And Grandma having a double ear infection because she couldn't be left out. But we all started the new year without being sick, so cheers to health!!!

We did, of course, have the big change of buying our house, surviving the 13th move in 13 years, and adding Grandma and Uncle Eric to our home. The stress of the move and the changes embedded in it are overshadowed by the peace that I have knowing that I can be here every day for my Mom (and it works both ways, because I wouldn't have lived through the first few days of the week without her here).

Then there were the job challenges of the year - my position changing and ramping up, Jayson transferring to another restaurant then becoming a stay at home dad for a short time, and finally landing on a new career path that has been a monumental change in schedule and quality of life for our family.

The kids of course have had changes and growth of their own. Marlie started gymnastics, Samantha and Evan are now in karate, and Big H is a walking and screaming machine!

At the end of it all, I can still say that we are pretty damn blessed . . . We have a lot of goals and plans for this year, and it's gonna be a big one. We have some trips planned, in August our first baby boy will start kindergarten and we will have THREE kids in elementary school, my career is going to blow up for me as I work my initiatives, and our kids will continue to amaze us every single day. And truly, they are what it's all about. As we enter new ages/stages of life with them, I am reminded every day that those little people that we have made are my purpose, my joy, and the light on our journey!

So I will end this with a little look back at some pictures of moments and people that have made this year one that we can say we not only survived but came out better on the other side.

Our four leprachans
CC . . . Our kids favorite "aunt"
Stone . . . The coworker that has become a dear friend
A pool day that helped us find our new normal after moving
Grandpa always makes it a good time 
Nash - the new addition
First day of school (first day ever for Evan)
One of my happy places - Grandma and Grandpa's in Minnesota - I love that neighborhood!!!
Our BFF's - total love
Grandma and Grandpa
Friends for life - we may be hundreds of miles away, but they will grow up together
Two dogs . . . What was I thinking?!?
Family in Minnesota 
Disney on Ice - always magical!
Because they never seem to get in pictures I had to pull one from a little further back . . . But they must be included as a force in my life that helped 2015 happen . . . My bonus parents!
No thanks Santa!!
Lunch with my Moms - both of whom life would not have moved without this year!
The love of my life . . . With this man, life isn't just something we get through, it's a journey that we rock together. Every. Single. Day. This man by my side makes life everything that it is.
My girls - I hope with all that I am that they stay this close forever. 
My middles - I know they will always find peace together.
How we ended the year - at midnight there were no kids awake, 2 passed out from puking . . . So everyone got to spend one last night around the tree (so I could here vomitting!).

Bring it on 2016 - the Crandall family is so ready!!!

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